Anderson College of Business & Computing Executive Education

Biweekly Tuesdays: 6:00 - 8:00 pm MDT

(Denver Campus - Innovation Lab, Clarke Hall)

Dates: March 22 - November 15, 2022

$4800 New Students / $4200 Regis Alumni & Returning Students

Empowering you with increased awareness of who you are as a leader, better communication and conflict management skills, and a community to work your problems in real time.


Anchored in principles of alignment, innovation and performance, this intensive leadership learning experience is rich with the practical skills necessary for emerging leaders and those that are new to positions of business, team, or community leadership. Self-awareness, alignment, teambuilding, and innovative strategic problem solving are key attributes of new and emerging leaders that are necessities and are core to Anderson College[1] and the Innovation Center[2]’s executive and leadership development offerings.

What makes this program unique?

In alignment to Anderson College’s distinctive approach and Jesuit values[3], each cohort member is supported with 20 hours of personalized video-based leadership coaching. This unique element allows for the direct application of learning and skills to each cohort member’s current context and experience. Furthermore, it reinforces the goal of the program to provide new and emerging leaders the competencies and skills to creatively solve real problems in real time, as well as contribute to the development and alignment of innovative teams and cultures. Experience shows that coaching is a vital ingredient to supporting the timely application of learning, resulting in greater levels of success.


Key Values in Jesuit Higher Education

Cura Personalis


Men and Women For and With Others

Unity of Mind and Heart

Contemplatives in Action

Finding God in All Things

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Who Should Attend:

Individuals who:

  • Have recently moved into a position of leadership.

  • Hold leadership roles and have not received any leadership development or coaching.

  • Are preparing to move into a leadership position.

  • Have been identified as candidates for a leadership role.


  • You will gain the skills necessary to successfully make the transition to, and increase your ability to be successful in your leadership role.

  • Development of a personal learning and development plan.

  • An increased awareness of who you are as a leader and how to align your actions to your values in achieving your career aspirations.

  • Increased communication and interpersonal skills resulting in improved conflict management abilities, better relationships, and increased influence.

  • Insights and skills for better coaching the performance of others.

  • Applying the skills and tools for the strategic alignment of actions and outcomes to the customer experience.

  • Learn how to build and lead teams, foster innovation, and apply design thinking and data analysis in problem solving.

  • Become proficient at leading change and transition.

  • Individual coaching aimed at leveraging you'r unique strengths and talents.

Cohort Size:

To ensure you get the level of interaction and personalized coaching that aligns to the core of Anderson College’s commitment to your development and success as a leader, cohort size is limited to 15 participants.

Program Design and Content (offered online):

Beginning with a half-day launch, over a ten-month period participants engage in and complete nine competency modules.

  • Interactive: Each module consists of two, three-hour group sessions.

  • Tailored: With guidance from their Innovation Center coach, participants create and pursue their personal tailored learning programs.

  • Applicable: Individualized coaching[4] allows for the immediate strategic application of learning to their professional roles and challenges, resulting in increased accountability and performance in their roles.

  • Community of Practice: Throughout the program, enrollees have the opportunity to participate in an ongoing cohort dialogue, exchanging ideas and learning with their fellow cohort members, exploring the timely use of their learning experience, and solving problems together.[5]

Schedule (9 modules over 9 months):

Module 1: Becoming An Aligned Leader (March 22 & April 5)

  • Creating Personal Alignment

  • Developing Self Knowledge and Choice

  • Defining Personal Vision

Module 2: The Stewardship of Business (April 19 & May 3)

  • Aligning Mission, Purpose, and Vision

  • Leading Culture

  • Managing Stakeholder Relationships

Module 3: Interpersonal Communication Skills (May 17 & 31)

  • Constructive Conflict

  • Applying Curious Confrontation

  • Developing Inquiry, Empathy and Listening Skills

Module 4: Coaching Performance (June 14 & 28)

  • Assessing and Taking The Right Approach

  • Successfully Managing Accountability

  • Applying Constructive Feedback Skills

Module 5: Leading Aligned Teams (July 12 & 26)

  • The Process and Leadership of Team Development

  • Leveraging Personalities and Defining Roles

  • Aligning Team Strategy and Performance

Module 6: Leading Innovation (August 9 & 23)

  • Focusing on the Customer Experience

  • Leading Design Thinking

  • Using Data in Design

Module 7: Leading Change and Transition (September 6 & 20)

  • Defining The Future State

  • Confronting Resistance

  • Leading Exploration

Module 8: Meeting Management (October 4 & 18)

  • Defining Success

  • Facilitation Skills

  • Tracking Actions and Accountabilities

Module 9: Living Personal Legacy (November 1& 15)

  • Designing My Legacy

  • Planning The Future

Tuition: $4800 New Students / $4200 Regis Alumni & Current Students

Tuition covers the entire 9 month program


For Organizations - Learning to Lead is available as a tailored leadership development program, offering further alignment of your organization’s customer experience, brand, and culture.


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Leaders appreciate a forum where they can ask questions, challenge the status quo and practice thinking about solutions to their own situations in a safe environment.

Leaders seek feedback on their performance and thinking. Leaders appreciate an opportunity to share feedback.

Leaders bring a variety of life and professional experiences with them. Working together facilitates better solutions.

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